2017/09/21 13:59

We send our items to overseas.

[5-1.Language and currency]
When you shop at our store, you can change the language and currency at the upper left of the page.

Before you order our items, we would like you to register.

Please click the button of "PAY ID Checkout".

Then, please click "新規登録" that is marked in red circle.

Please fill in the blanks to complete the registration.

Once you finish the registration successfully, you will be able to log in by filling in the blue circle(registered mail address and password).

You can pay the money by credit cards(VISA,Master,Amex) that is issued overseas.

We sometimes need to see your identification(*) before shipping to your address, when you visit here for the first time.

(*)a copy of your credit card used to order this time,with only the last 4 digits showing & a copy of your government issued ID(identity card/passport/driver's license) 

[5-4.Estimated delivery date]
You can choose a delivery that suits you.

"EMS" is faster and more expensive than "e-Packet".

Please refer to the pages(1&2) below.

(*e-Packet=Air parcels)

[5-5.Shipping cost]
The shipping cost changes depending on the shipping method and the countries.

(1)e-Packet(to Asia)・・・JPY700-
(2)e-Packet(to North America/Europe/Australia)・・・JPY800-
(3)e-Packet(to South America)・・・JPY900-
(4)EMS(to Asia)・・・JPY1,400-
(5)EMS(to North America/Australia)・・・JPY2,000-
(6)EMS(to Europe)・・・JPY2,200-
(7)EMS(to South America)・・・JPY2,400-

When you order the goods, you can choose the shipping method just like this.

[6.For foreign visitors to Japan]
We can send our items to your hotel in Japan.

If the hotel does not accept to deliver them, we can send them to the post office that is close to the hotel.

When you pick up a parcel at the post office, you need to present your passport or identification card.

I am really looking forward to serving you.